Why Join The Co-op?

Basics Cooperative, Inc. (Basics) is Janesville’s first and only not-for-profit storefront food cooperative. When you become a Co-op Owner you are investing in a different type of business: one that puts principles ahead of profits.

Your support helps us continue to provide fresh, local, affordable food in support of our local economy; access to high-quality, unadulterated natural and organic foods and nutritional supplements; education and information to help build a healthier community and planet. You become part of a growing community based on shared values.

To be successful as a food cooperative we require the commitment of many people in our community to support our efforts by becoming Owners and shopping at the store for daily food needs. In return, you will also receive these benefits…

Active Co-op Owner Benefits:

  • Vote for Board of Directors, Wooden Nickel nonprofits, changes to our Bylaws, important co-op issues

  • Run for Board of Directors

  • Referral bonuses

  • 5% off regular-priced items every day

  • Case discounts on regular-priced items

  • Co-op reciprocity — many other co-ops offer benefits when you show your Basics Co-op Owner card

  • Patronage refunds — If the Board declares patronage dividends, you will receive a portion of the Co-op’s profits based on the amount you shopped at Basics that year

  • Weekly & monthly specials

  • Health Insurance Marketplace at www.basicscoopbenefits.com

  • Bi-monthly Owner Appreciation Sale days


You can become a lifetime Owner of Basics Cooperative for $150. You may choose to pay the full investment at once or pay in $30 installments over 5 years. If you choose to make installments, Basics will charge a $5 service fee each time you make a payment (after your first payment) to help defray the administrative costs.

After the $150 is paid, plus any service fees, you are fully vested and there are no more payments.

If you later decide you do not want to be an Owner anymore, the Co-op will refund your ownership fee (subject to some limitations in Bylaws).

Stop by the Customer Service desk any time to become an Owner! Or, Download the Basics Ownership Form to complete and mail to us, along with your $150 lifetime investment or first $30 installment.

*Co-op Owner discounts do not apply to Shizen Sushi, Lucy’s Loon Lake Coffee & Deli, Consignment items, Alcohol.