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Individual Nutrition Consultations with Dr. Allison Becker

Dr. Allison Becker with adult patient

Maximize your health and well-being by making the best food choices for your individual health goals and lifestyle!  A one-on-one consultation with Dr. Allison Becker, doctor of naturopathic medicine and acupuncture. Dr. Becker has been providing safe, effective, natural health solutions since 2006. Her full-time practice is located in Evansville, Wisconsin.

Individual nutrition consultations in the Basics Community Room are approximately 30 minutes. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early to check in at Basics Customer Service and complete the intake form. Bring description and dosage information for all current medications and supplements.

Upcoming Consultation Days:

5-6:30pm Tuesday, February 21

5-8pm Tuesday, March 14

5-8pm Tuesday, April 11


Basics Co-op Community Room

1711 Lodge Drive, Janesville


Fees: Basics Co-op Owners $45/general public $65. Appointments are scheduled on a first-paid basis and are refundable with a minimum 48-hour notice.




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