2016-2017 Basics Co-op Board of Directors


Jim Hutchinson, Board President

Jim Hutchinson has been a Basics supporter since the 1970’s and has served on the Basics Board since 2005. He is a lifetime organic gardener, practices a “heal thyself” approach to wellness and believes the community in which we live is intricately tied to our eating habits and health. As a Basics Board member, Jim enjoys the opportunity to use his experience to strengthen and keep our store a vibrant, nourishing organization for the body and soul. Jim has worked for and served on Boards of nonprofit organizations for over 30 years. He currently provides accounting, management and administrative services for nonprofits.


Sverre David Roang, Vice President

David Roang is a business attorney in Madison, Wisconsin. Son of Basics founder Peter Roang, David has a long history at Basics- from bagging dried fruit and helping check out customers on Court Street, to working the produce section at Memorial Drive, to staying up all night to help open the Woodman Road store, and ultimately to helping transition Basics to a cooperative. David served as the Cooperative’s board president from 2005-2015. He serves on a number of non-profit boards and is delighted to help keep the Basics tradition alive and thriving in Janesville.

 Clarice Green Basics Board of Directors

Clarice Green

Clarice Green served on the Basics Board from 2005-2012 and returned in 2016. She is a semi-retired local dairy farmer, and Basics has been the primary grocery store for her family for many years. Clarice is always eager to help people learn more about Basics and the many different products and services offered. She enjoys serving on the board to help ensure that Basics will continue to grow, meet the needs of the members and remain financially sound.

2015 SA Welch

S.A. Welch

S.A. Welch has served on the Basics Board since 2015. An associate professor in the Communication department at UW-Whitewater, S.A.’s academic experience teaching organizational communication, persuasion, and listening helps her serve the members of Basics. Her past experience also includes accounting, and service on a variety of nonprofit boards. S.A. appreciates the opportunity to help Basics remain a welcoming refuge from confusion and a dispenser of sound health information for people who strive to live a healthier lifestyle.

Dr Carrie Kaiser

Dr. Carrie Kaiser

Dr. Kaiser has served on the Basics Board since 2012. She has been a Co-op Owner/patron everywhere she has lived since the 1980’s, and an Owner of Basics since she moved to Janesville in 2009. As a naturopathic physician, “Dr. Carrie” has spent many years thinking outside the box, listening to and learning from people on many different journeys in life. She often shares information from Holistic Healthcare Options at Basics events and has given lectures in the Basics Community Room. Dr. Carrie is excited to offer her perspective toward the direction of the Co-op in its mission to continue delivering access to a healthy diet and reliable health information to our community.


The Basics Board of Directors has requested all correspondence via postal mail. Communications remain sealed until the next scheduled meeting.

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